Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's not about the every-day crap that life throws at me.  I can deal with that.  I DO deal with that.  I sink into my own little self-made depressions and have to pull myself out eventually to continue dealing with all the other crap!

But what I have an immensely difficult time dealing with is the dog crap that finds it's way onto my property.  I have a neighbor, some 3 or 4 houses away.  They own a little dog.

For years, they have disobeyed the local leash law.  They walk this dog without a leash.  Not such a bad thing, except that the dog doesn't walk with them and they spend a large portion of the walk yelling her name to get her to come back to where they are.  Peaceful neighborhood, existent no more.

The dog hobbles around on three legs because it has been hit by vehicles in the past.  Yes.  That was plural.  It has happened more than once, and still, the dog is walked without a leash and the dog continues to run wherever it wants.

But wait!  I forgot to mention that they don't always actually walk the dog themselves.  Maybe that's how it was hit by vehicles in the past.  I know there has been more than one ocassion when I have almost hit the suddenly-dashing-in-front-of-my-moving-car dog. 

And the dog has been crapping in my yard.  Last Saturday, I removed a pile of dog crap from the four corners where the sidewalk intersects my driveway...and a pile at the bottom of my concrete steps.  Monday morning, after the massive snowfall we had Sunday, I had the pleasure of cleaning up more.

I don't have pets anymore.  My dog died nine years ago.  And when she was alive, I didn't let her crap in other people's yards.  So why do I have to clean up other animal crap in my yard?

I spoke with someone from the City offices yesterday.  We don't have a law requiring owners to clean up after their pet when they're out for a walk.  There is a law for not allowing animal defacation to get out of control on your property.  I can talk to my neighbors about the crap, but they can choose to ignore me or punish me with more crap.  After all, it's in my yard, not theirs.  I can report the dog to Animal Control when it's out without a leash, but if Animal Control arrives and the dog is back in the house it's a waste of time.  Well, I've been told I can always catch the dog for Animal Control.

So guess who gets in trouble with the city for the crap?  And how fair is that?

What would you do?


  1. A fence? I know easier said than done. The only other things to do are inhumane.

    1. Not considering the location of the crap!! But we moved shortly after this post. Now we have our own dog. And we dispose of his crap! :-)

      How have you been, Brian?

    2. Jesus it's like trying to get into Fort Knox to reply...

      Anyway I tried (unsuccessfully it appears) to respond, but I shall not fail twice!

      I loved your solution to the problem. City doesn't want to help...move from the city. Tired of picking up other people's dogcrap...pick up your own! HAHA.

      Yeah things are alright. We moved away from Michigan May 1st. How are things going for you? Guessing good because I knew you to be smart and with brains and talent I figure you'd go far. BTW I saw a picture of you on FB with a trophy and a group of classmates? It was sooooo easy to spot you. Brought a smile to my face. Funny how we were young once. God, am I nearing middle age and starting to whine about it? Must be.