Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had this idea for a post that a friend pulled right out of my brain...while I was sleeping...from hundreds of miles away.  I hadn't discussed this idea with anyone, which is how I know she stole it from my brain while I was sleeping.

Or great minds think alike?

Mine was going to be titled "I Am Not a Republican."  Hers was titled, "Posters on my Wall: A Liberal's Agenda on Facebook."  You can read her post here.

At the time that I was going to write the post, I was utterly enraged by a video spreading on Facebook of Rachel Maddow twisting and distorting the facts regarding Michigan's newly elected Governor Rick Snyder's budget proposal.  Rather than spouting off in anger, I decided to wait.

Rick Snyder is a Republican.  Much like Liberal's, Republican's have agendas.  I tend to lump myself into the category of Independent.  And yes, even Independent's have agendas.

I don't necessarily like all of the proposals made by our newly elected governor, but I couldn't believe the distortion of facts in that Maddow video.  The most disturbing part for me, though, was the number of my respected friends that re-posted the video as if it were 100% fact rather than doing any research for themselves.  It felt like lamb's being led to the slaughter.  I was heartbroken.  The irony:  in the same time-frame, I was accused of being brainwashed because I refused to bend to some man's way of thinking and instead, I chose to read the facts for myself. 

But one thing I've learned in my adult life is this: bull-headed people come in all sizes and shapes, religious affiliations and political beliefs.  This knowledge has been solidified by my experience with social networking. 

Me?  I'll remain an Independent thinker and open to hearing opposing arguments.  I won't stomp my feet and have a cyber temper-tantrum if you disagree with my point of view.  I might shrug my shoulders. I might shake my head. I might privately vent about closed-minded people.  I might do all three.  But who knows?  At the end of the day, I might change my mind.

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