Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've needed this myself and have passed it along to some others recently.

You can cast a circle of salt.  You can use 5 white candles in the form of a pentagram.  You can improvise as you see fit.  Make it yours.

Please do not print this.  Re-write the words to paper in your own hand to help empower the words.

Chant them. Sing them. Believe them.

To the God/Goddess
I call to thee
Restore what's mine
And set me free
I call the air
To clear the bind
Restore what's right
Restore what's mine
Solvo mihi iam, paro mihi solvo*
Solvo meus vox, beatus exsisto*
Blessed be

Release me now, Set me free*
Release my power, Blessed be*

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Plea for Jen

Sometimes I’m at a loss for where to begin.

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at asking for help I may need. I am so much better asking for people to help me help others.

But now I’m begging you to help me help Jen and her family.

We haven’t been asking for handouts. Everything that we’ve done in our quest for financial help has been accompanied by SOMETHING for the donor. We’ve done a Mary Kay fund raiser. We held a multi-family yard sale. We’re doing a Pampered Chef fund raiser. We’re doing a Spaghetti Dinner. We’ve gotten donations of “stuff” to raffle and auction at the dinner. Even the businesses donating the “stuff” are getting something: good will and the not-requested-by-them advertisement of their generosity. We’ll be holding a benefit concert in October, and plans for a skate-a-thon and a bowling tournament are in the works.

Here’s the thing: for only $10 per adult, you can get a nice spaghetti dinner. You give a little and you get back something in return. You don’t have to bid on auction items or buy raffle tickets.

Now I need to tell you some things that I’ve been holding back. I’ve been holding it back because I don’t want to sound pessimistic. But it’s time to let you in on some things.

Jen is receiving chemo treatments to help prolong her life as much as possible. She has two 13-year-old boys at home that need her to be around. The doctors can’t give any time frame on how long she has. As a matter of fact, it was looking like she wouldn’t make it out of the hospital back in August. Time could be extremely short. We don’t know.

What we do know is that she has bone, liver and chest cancer after having had a double mastectomy 3 years ago. The prohibitive cost of health and life insurance because of her pre-existing condition puts her family in a financial quandary. Her husband was off work for three weeks when she was hospitalized in July and August. She was hospitalized again last night and will not be at the spaghetti dinner.

And I need you to know that mostly, the money we’re raising will probably be used for funeral expenses. Perhaps I’ve been in denial. I prefer to think of it as eternal optimism. Her trip to the hospital last night triggered the need to be a lot more realistic.

Every one of you that has helped so far, I thank you. Jen and Jason thank you. And if you’ve decided that you want to help without buying something or going to any of the events, we’ve conceded and set up a Paypal account. So if you can even spare $5, it’ll help more than you know. You’ll find the Paypal “Donate” button on this page.