Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've needed this myself and have passed it along to some others recently.

You can cast a circle of salt.  You can use 5 white candles in the form of a pentagram.  You can improvise as you see fit.  Make it yours.

Please do not print this.  Re-write the words to paper in your own hand to help empower the words.

Chant them. Sing them. Believe them.

To the God/Goddess
I call to thee
Restore what's mine
And set me free
I call the air
To clear the bind
Restore what's right
Restore what's mine
Solvo mihi iam, paro mihi solvo*
Solvo meus vox, beatus exsisto*
Blessed be

Release me now, Set me free*
Release my power, Blessed be*

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