Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Greatest Debate of 2012

Even more important (right now) than the debates for the upcoming elections or the debate about whether the Mayans predicted the end of the earth is this:

What should we name this dog?!

His name, when we met him at the Cascades Humane Society, was Brenton.  I just don't think it fits him, and Katana's boyfriend is named Brendan.  That's just too close.  And he didn't recognize it as his name.

He's a Rottweiler mix (we believe with German Shepherd).  He's just about two years old, and he's a big boy.  When he stands on his hind legs, he can put his front legs on Steve's shoulders.

When we brought him home last night, we started calling him Neko.  Steve thought of it last night and it was the first name mentioned that all four of us agreed on.  But as of this morning, we're thinking that it just doesn't feel right.  So back to the drawing board!

Megan is frustrated because we did all like it.  As I explained to her, though, most women have 8-9 months to figure out a name for their newborn babies.  We've known we were "having a baby" for less than a week!  And at least we didn't make the kids wait until we figured out his name before we brought him home!!

We've had a plethora of ideas mentioned already.  Those include: Buster, Brewster, Dakota, King, Thor, Apollo, Odin, Odie, Ollie, Fawkes, Phoenix, Scout, Bear, Baron, Fritz, Bandit, Rummy, Ace, Cooper, Jax, Max, Mac, Duncan, Bailey, Buddy, Baby, Dallas, Benji, Bruno, Diablo, Axle, Brody, Salem, Midnight, Grover, Percy, Dobby, Albus, Orion, Shatner, Dumbledore, Harry and Spock.

So tell me what you think!  Do you like one of the names listed?  Or do you have a different idea?

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