Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GOP War on Women

I posted an op-ed piece from a woman in Ann Arbor, Susan J. Demas, to my Facebook wall.

A friend of mine commented, "wow... full of fallacies, but interesting nonetheless..."  So I asked my friend to point out the fallacies he speaks of.

This was his response:

1.there is no GOP war on women in reality, it is a figment of the main stream media's imagination, which they keep seizing on any opportunity to spout it out, when nobody on the streets mentions it...

2. Rush Limbaugh is not the head of the GOP, nor has he ever been, although he jokes regularly about being the de facto leader because the media has dubbed him so, not the people, nor the GOP.

3. Liberal leaning women are not going to win the White House for the GOP, a majority of the voters present on election day will, be it by liberals not voting for the teleprompter or more conservatives showing up to keep the teleprompter from further destroying this country.

4. Nobody has declared war on birth control. Obamacare (aka the affordable health care act-truly an oxymoron) is supposed to mandate that all employers must provide birth control free of cost to their employees, regardless of religious beliefs (which is not constitutional)... Obamacare is what war has been declared upon if anything.

5. She states that Republicans are turning the clock back 50 years on birth control. How so? If she means to imply that health care NOT being Mandated to completely cover birth control, then that would be a direct falsehood, but perhaps she means that health insurance wouldn't cover birth control at all anymore, which would also be false.

6.There are ways to guarantee not bringing a child into the world that don't involve the pill, look up The Creighton model at and you'll see the best option.

7. Standing against mandating free birth control is not treating women like "sluts or damn children", most folks I know don't want to pay for the handing out of "free" birth control NOR force any religious entity to violate it's own teachings to make some teleprompter or some Catholic in name only (Pelosi) happy."

My counter arguments for the above statements:

1. Proof of the GOP war on women:

*Virginia pushing a bill requiring transvaginal ultrasounds to determine fetal age under the guise that the fetus is too small to be detected on an abdominal ultrasound. If it’s too small/young to be found on an abdominal ultrasound, then it must be within the legal parameters to NOT be classified as a partial-birth abortion.

*Arizona pushing a bill to require employees of religious institutions to PROVE their prescribed birth control pills aren’t being used for contraception.

*Georgia Rep. Terry England comparing women to livestock while defending a proposed bill that would require women to carry their dead babies (or babies determined unable to survive) to term rather than having an abortion at 20 weeks.

*Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman introducing a bill penalizing women for being single mothers, claiming that it’s child abuse.

*Wisconsin Representative Don Pridemore who claims that women shouldn’t be allowed to divorce for any reason, even domestic abuse, because fathers are the only ones who provide structure and discipline.

*Texas de-funding Planned Parenthood.

*Republican Presidential candidates wanting to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

*Viagra is covered by health insurance but birth control pills aren’t.

2. Rush Limbaugh being a de-facto leader or not is nit-picking. Fact: I haven’t heard one Republican admonishment to Rush for him calling Sandra Fluke a slut.

3. No way you can prove or disprove her statement.  When the numbers have been counted and you can “prove”  it wasn’t the “liberal leaning women” who won the WH, THEN you can call that statement a fallacy.  And it’s a little insulting and disturbing when you classify “women who think they have the right to do what they want with their own bodies” as “liberal leaning.”

4. It’s mandating that health insurance provide birth control pills at no-cost. Not religious employers.

5. Republicans are turning the clock back 50 years by trying to reverse all the gains women have had toward their own independence. Why do independent women scare them so?

6. You’re missing the point that birth control pills aren’t JUST about not wanting to get pregnant.  There are myriad medical reasons for birth control, but because they’re “classified” as birth control, some insurances won’t cover it.  Some girls and women have such debilitating cramps that they can’t crawl out of bed. BCP helps. Men can not FATHOM what it’s like to be a woman so I don’t understand why they think they know BETTER than we do about our bodies.

7. Every person you know who pays their taxes already pays for free birth control because Federal employees get that as part of their compensation.  Funny thing is, they can more likely AFFORD the out of pocket costs compared to the woman living on the poor side of town.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a "fan" of President Obama, but I must ask that you refrain from calling him “the teleprompter” on my wall or on my posts.  I may not be a fan but I won’t disrespect him or the office he holds by tolerating that.


  1. wanting to defund Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with abortion, which despite the lies on their propaganda pages, makes a substantial portion of their income from abortions/abortion referrals (beside the fact that 0 federal dollars are legally supposed to be used for abortions). As I noted also, 50% roughly of the abortions performed are females, who is standing up for those womens' rights? That's right, us folks who don't want abortion to be legal for any reason, especially since modern medicine allows for lower infant mortality rate regardless of how early the baby is delivered. (I understand that to note that the majority of Democratic lawmakers who are for abortion would undermine your GOP war on women page, but it should be duly noted that there is the same argument to be said for a DNC war on [unborn] women.) Number 6 defines the most important and misused point... which I have not missed (except maybe in my arguments listed). When I focus on the recreational use of birth control, somebody brings up the medical need, when I point out the non-pill alternatives somebody brings up the medical needs. I'm just saying that there are alternatives, and the best alternative is information not propaganda, people need to be informed. If there is a real GOP war on women, why isn't anybody upset by the DNC war on (unborn) women?

    1. While I can't state it as FACT, I can almost guarantee that PP can account for every federal penny being spent on services other than abortions. And while you may CHOOSE options others than abortion in your life, you should RESPECT the rights of others to CHOOSE their own paths.

      Number 6 is not the most important point in this discussion. Number 1 is. Please, tell me how ANY of the items I listed aren't a war on women. Any man who feels it's "okay" for a State Representative to compare women to livestock is not a man who respects women.

      And please stop with the DNC war on "unborn" women. If you've got another example of the DNC war on women, I'm listening. But I'm not going to argue point of viable life with you, as you obviously feel it begins at conception, though it's possible you're on the wagon that believes sperms and eggs are life before conception.

      But on point number 6, absolutely, there are many options. There are many CHOICES. I never said there weren't. But leave people's CHOICES to them, quit trying to make CHOICES for them.

  2. What many people do not see is that the mandates you list on number one are built around the idea that women do not think, or intelligently think, about their reproduction decisions. Presidential contender Santorum's own wife chose to induce early labor and delivery of a child who would not have made it to term. Under his ideals now that would have been against the law. The point of bringing this up is not to point fingers at he or Mrs. Santorum, but to showcase that each person, each family, needs the freedom to determine the right course of action for their family. When I was pregnant with Gus and my doctor's suggested termination at 16 weeks, again at 18 weeks, and again at 20 weeks I continued to get new opinions, I researched, I was devastated over the idea that by staying pregnant I might be setting up my first born child to a life without a mother. It wasn't propaganda that made me think of abortion, it was weighing the likelihood of having a two children and a living mother verses one motherless child if i continued the pregnancy. As you can attest, Gus is here and so am i, so i know i made the right call. But the fact is it was my call, i was informed with the risks, and I was in the likely 30% of pregnancies like mine that end with a living child and a living mother.

    Mr anonymous above makes points that should be thoughtfully considered, and I do see a great need to educate people on natural options for birth control, the risks associated with abortions, etc. I also see that in mandating all women to toe a certain line of action without the freedom to understand her individual situation and assess the needs of her family (both current and potential) announces that our country does not believe women have the ability to clearly understand their health and make decisions.

    1. Your first sentence bears much. As a woman living in 2012, I never thought I'd have to deal with such flagrant disregard for a woman's intelligence.

      And while John (Mr. Anonymous) may be pointing out a need for education, he (like many others) are assuming that education isn't occurring, whether it's about birth control or abortions. Just because my opinion doesn't conform to his (or Joe Schmoe) doesn't mean I'm not educated on it.

  3. Actually all the debate here proves is that the government does not belong in our healthcare decisions.

    Point #1: GOP war on women: Why is it that you know about all these different potential bills? Because the Main Stream Media has an agenda to discredit the GOP. There are stupid legislation's suggested by stupid legislators everyday, but you don't hear about them, especially from other states. These are bills that never actually see the light of day, but are brought up in the media to make the GOP look bad. Liberal's propose stupid laws too, they just don't make the news. And even if by some chance they make it into law, we still have the courts to deem them unconstitutional, like the ban on Gay Marriage in California that despite the fact the 70% of voters approved, the courts overturned it.
    Point #2- Rush is paid to say outrageous things. It's his job. Plus he apologized for using the term slut. His point was that to mandate that birth control be free, the government is essentially paying for people to have sex, and those who are paid to have sex are prostitutes. (side note, I always thought the distinction between a slut and a prostitute was that one got paid and one gave it for free, therefore she wouldn't qualify as a slut anyway...ok that was supposed to be humorous). Regardless, Rush is just as entitled to his free speech as those who called Sarah Palin and her daughter disgusting names, but media did not call them out the way they have Rush.
    Point 3: all opinion, and as we all know opinions are like butts, everyone has one, most of them stink, including most of my own (opinions, not butts, I only have 1 butt but multiple opinions . I hate being "labeled" a republican, but I am much more liberal then the media's description of republican. But that is the way I vote.
    Point 4: It's the government's MANDATE that has people upset, not women's access or use of birth control. Again, this is were the media is controlling the message, they will only show people with extreme religious opinions and not the true nature of the disagreement.
    Point 5: see point 1, 2 and 4. Media is only showing you what they want you to see so you will think that Republicans are against women. It suits their agenda.
    Point 6: The real issue has nothing to do with a person's reason's for birth control, the real issue is the government FORCING it to provide a service. (Note use of person, not women, because women are not the only ones that use birth control...ummm wait, maybe I should change that back to women...)
    Point 7: Well, government employees should be subjected to the same health insurance choices as the rest of us slobs.
    So basically my point is that MSM is making this a GOP war on women, not the GOP. I know this because I visit a lot of other sites for news than the Main Stream Media and there is SOOOO much that they don't report because it doesn't suit their narrative.

    1. Point #1: When you concern yourself about a certain topic you begin to pay attention to those things. MSM wasn't talking about Terry England comparing women to livestock or Pridemore saying women shouldn't be allowed to divorce. I found those items because I looked. Because I see and feel the war on women EVERY day. I live it with every jerk (male or female) who walks into my store or calls my store and wants to "talk to the man in charge."
      Point #2: Really. Who gives a rats butt about Rush. I don't. I didn't bring him into the conversation. John did. I was merely responding to his statement and it stands. Which Republicans admonished him for that?
      Point #3: I'm labeled Republican by Democrats and Democrat by Republicans. I'm Independent. They both have valid stances. They both have stupid stances.
      Point #4: I've NEVER stated that I agree that insurances should offer contraception for free, however, people LOVE to attack me as if I did. My complaint derives from people wanting to de-fund PP on TOP of all the health insurance policies that don't OFFER BCP on their plans but they offer Viagra.
      Point #5: See Point #1 above.
      Point #6: Reason is involved when Arizona tries to push a law saying that women have to tell their employers why they need it and if it's for contraception, the employer can fire the woman.
      Point #7: The government IS trying to give us Joe Schmoe's some of the same benefits. We, the taxpayers, pay for their contraception. So now they want us taxpayers to pay for everyone's contraception.

  4. Thank You Carrie and Sarah, for some help with reinforcing my stance and articulating the points I was trying to make, and Dawn for being game... and still calling me 'friend' throughout :) I will call the President the President from now on :)