Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Be The Change Challenge-Positive Thoughts

I have a challenge for you today, my friends!

For every negative thought you have today:
-traffic sucks
-I hate the cold
-is the work day over yet
-is it Friday yet
-I hate (name a politician)
-bad things always happen to me

Create two positive thoughts:
-being stuck in traffic gives me some time with me
-the sun is shining
-I have a job
-I woke up this morning
-I have 16 waking hours left of the day
-I am loved (and if you're on my friends list reading this, you ARE loved.)

Be the positive. Be the smile. Be the change.
And please, if you would, share some of your positive thoughts!


  1. I have to say....These days..for just over the last 3 months...most everything that comes from my mouth or travels through my mind is positive. And those that are negative I quickly turn around...such as the not wanting to go to work...thankful I have a job to go to, that I actually love, etc....I AM loved...VERY much...I have an amazing family with my Sweetie...I have the world's most incredible, loving, caring friends! LIFE IS GREAT!!!!