Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amazing Day

Here are some photos from our amazing day at Motor City Comic Con 2013 in Novi, Michigan.

Some of the stars were set up to do professional photo ops. Yes, we had our pic taken with Adrian Paul and received this awesome 8x10 photo. Then, of course, we took it back over to his booth for him to sign it.

Our first stop of the day, though, was to see Cary Elwes. He was awesome. Both of the girls got hugs from him.

 Katana with a stormtrooper.

 Megan with Aaron Ashmore.

 Katana with Batman and Bane.

 Nicholas Brendon is a favorite from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I also love him as the nerdy sometimes love-interest of Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds.

 Steve was calm, cool and collected about meeting Edward James Olmos. He even indicated that he didn't need to get a photo with him...until we met him. this was Steve's fan moment. He really loved the Battlestar Gallactica series and admires Edward James Olmos' skills.

 Even the Muppets showed up!

 Yes, the girls were geeked to get a pic with Darth Vader.

 This was a pretty cool moment because I've had a Twitter conversation with Robert Duncan McNeill. We weren't in agreement on the political discussion we were having, but it was a discussion. Not an argument. Not a claws out, distressed conversation. A nice, respectful discussion.

Katana with Aaron Ashmore.

Not only did we have these photo ops with so many of the stars we've grown to love over the years, every one of them was amazingly nice. One of the things I've always loved about Creation Entertainment conventions (and I can now add Comic Con to this statement) is the stars are friendly and humble, the fans are respectful and courteous. We ran across Adrian Paul and Cary Elwes walking around the vendor tables. They weren't being mobbed by the fans, though I couldn't help but stare at Adrian until he walked away from where we were. Of course, when we first met Adrian, I told him about naming Katana after his sword. I also told him about my three (yes, three) Highlander leather jackets and the disagreement I had with Todd and Zeke about who was going to die in Endgame. After we walked to the van, I took a photo of the four of us with Adrian and tweeted it plus a thank you to Adrian for making my day.  When we got home, I was checking my Twitter feed and found this pic he tweeted:

He double-triple-quadruple made my day!! This is a pic that was taken when we first stopped at his booth (so into telling him my stories that I didn't notice his assistant take this pic). When we went back to have him sign the pic that we're all in, I asked him if I could have a hug. And he said yes! I have never felt like such a fan girl as I did around him. I was very concerned that my heart was going to beat out of my chest when he hugged me. 

What an amazing day!

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