Friday, July 19, 2013

Raise Your Hands - Post Concert Hangover

This is the only photo I have on my phone from the concert.

We had good seats, but not good picture taking seats. And frankly, I was too busy enjoying the music, dancing with my friends and trying to keep track of the set list. I did get distracted occasionally, but I think my set list is complete. They don't have one posted on their website yet, so I can't compare.

That's What The Water Made Me
You Give Love a Bad Name
Raise Your Hands
Born To Be My Baby
Lost Highway
It's My Life
Because We Can
What About Now
We've Got It Going On
Keep the Faith
(You Want to) Make a Memory
Bed of Roses
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
We Weren't Born To Follow
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Dancing in the Streets
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Bad Medicine
Pretty Woman
Wanted Dead or Alive
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Have a Nice Day
Living on a Prayer

I was a little distressed that they didn't play Bounce, but it was a great set. It was a great concert and I can't wait to do something like this again with Dina, Vicky, Megan and Katana. We had an awesome time, and it was decidedly cool to have the Canadians in front of us say that Megan and Katana were obviously not old enough to know Bon Jovi. Then we explained that their momma raised them right! ;-) They were a fun bunch. We had some downer people to the right of us and behind us. I can't imagine why you'd pay good money to go a concert like that and then sit there with a complete lack of enjoyment written all over your face and displayed through your body language. Good thing we weren't letting anyone or anything bring us down!

Dina took quite a few pics throughout the night with her phone. I hope to get my hands on some of them soon!

After the concert, we stopped at a pub down the street from Dina's to have a drink and a snack. They played some great tunes. I giggled over their sign in the ladies restroom.

It was a little dark. A little dingy. But clean. So no, it didn't suck so much. Good music was playing at that pub, too! Nice 80s tunes, starting with some Joan Jett when we walked in the door. I think Megan might have been feeling a bit embarrassed to be seen with us, as we continued to our musical evening by singing along with the jukebox tunes. Loudly.

Today, I'm experiencing an absolute-exhaustion-hangover. With less that four hours of sleep I made it to work. Hold the coffee today. My throat is a wee-bit pained from all the singing, yelling and cheering. And I wouldn't trade the experience for the pain.

 Love and Light. Have an amazing day!!

You - you got a nasty reputation
We're in a sticky situation - it's down to me and you
So tell me - is it true ... they say there ain't nobody better
Well now that we're together
Show me what you can do

You're under the gun
Out on the run
Gonna set the night on fire
You're out on the run
Under the gun
And playin' to win

Raise your hands
When you want to let it go
Raise your hands
And you want to let a feeling show
Raise your hands
From New York to Chicago
Raise your hands
From New Jersey to Tokyo
Raise your hands

I - I've been out on the front line
Where you'll go down if you waste time
They'll walk all over you
But I - I ain't here looking for surrender
I'll raise the flag if you'll defend her
It's up to you

You're under the gun
Out on the run
Gonna set the night on fire
You're out on the run
Under the gun
And playin' to win


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