Friday, November 4, 2016

Voices over Votes

The fear surrounding the election on Tuesday has been palpable.

I am voting my conscious, and it feels good to not be choosing “between the lesser of two evils."

What little I have said about the election has been primarily trying to get people to realize they don't have to choose the lesser of two evils. It’s amazing to me that so many U.S. citizens have NO idea that there are other candidate options. And if everyone who says voting 3rd party is throwing away your vote would actually VOTE 3rd party, imagine the quiet revolution we would have.

But even with that stance, many friends and relatives have tried to bully me out of my position. Between the behavior of the Republican and Democratic candidates and some of the people who believe we must vote for one of those two, this entire election season has felt like being thrust back into school: elementary, middle or high school. Take your pick. They all had bullies.

To everyone who wants to say that I'm throwing away my vote, I say this:

If you’re voting for Trump just because you don’t want to see Clinton as president – you’re throwing away your vote.

If you’re voting for Trump because you believe we need someone who isn’t a life-long politician in office – you’re throwing away your vote (and to that I want to add…remember when Michiganders felt that way about Snyder…many of the same who are bitching and moaning about him doing a pathetic job?).

If you’re voting for Clinton just because you don’t want to see Trump as president – you’re throwing away your vote.

If you’re voting for Clinton because Sanders said to vote for her – you’re throwing away your vote. (Do you even remember when he said during his campaign that he would never tell you who to vote for…and if he did, don’t listen?)

But it gets worse: you’re throwing away your voice.

I ask you to consider what Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” truly means. Does it mean the time when white men owned black men? The time when women were considered property? The time when blacks and whites were all free but segregated? The time when blacks couldn’t vote? The time when women couldn’t vote? What point in our history do you consider “great” that isn’t “great” anymore?

Have you really considered what makes America great, my friends?

Our voices.

You say that voting 3rd party is throwing away my vote. Then so be it. But do you know what I’m NOT doing? I am not throwing away my voice.

You say that a 3rd party candidate can’t win. I disagree. If every voter who truly can’t stand the idea of Clinton or Trump as president vote 3rd party, 3rd party can win.

Do you know how many people, still today, think a woman can’t be a successful business owner? How many people think a woman can’t possibly have a clue about computers? Do you know how many people scoff at my Healing Circles?

I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing what I do, if I listened to all the bullies and naysayers trying to diminish my voice.

Don’t be a bully. And on Election Day, don’t throw away your VOICE.

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  1. I'm afraid to post on FB my true feelings that a vote for Trump may mean making America White again, and Christian, One Nation Under one God, not allowing other religions, and colors a chance to share their voice. How do we do better? We pray that the universe has a sense of humor and elects no one.