Saturday, December 31, 2011


A lesson filled year. A heartbreaking year. A joyous year. An exhausting year.

One of my best friends nearly died.

One I loved dearly did die.

I learned the art of organizing a fund raiser.

I survived the heartache of a fund raiser.

We bought a new house.

And we moved.

One child graduated.

The other performed.

New friendships were formed.

Some friendships were deepened.

Some friendships were lost.

We learned of 5 new babies joining our family.

Zion lived.

We lost Uncle Jr., Thelma, Vernon, Mary, and many more.

I remembered my strength and was reminded of my vulnerability.

More than once I almost gave up.

The love of others encouraged me on.

I'm not eager to see 2011 end.

I'm not sad to see it go.

I endured.  I loved.  I lost.  I gave.  I received.

And I was blessed.