Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hello? Is anybody home?

It's that time of year. was set to expire today if I didn't renew. Last year, I struggled with the decision and ended up keeping it so I could "download my posts" because I didn't realize that time was "here" already. 

Hahaha. That's funny.

I renewed again. I haven't posted a damn thing on it in 2 years. But I renewed it again. 

Here's a thing about a blog like this. It sometimes puts you on the radar of people you don't want to see you. That happened to me, and it's one of the reasons I haven't posted here in forever. But I'm considering reclaiming my personal power and conquering that fear. 

Oh, and I love that name because it so aptly describes me and what I try to do every day.

Will I post regularly here ever again? I simply don't know with all the little pots I have boiling and brewing in my life.

Will I strive to post regularly here even again? Of course. Because striving is one of the things I do.

Maybe I'll see you again here soon.