Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The First Agreement

Be Impeccable with Your Word

I have been focusing on this. I have been consistently practicing personal affirmations and striving to be the change in the world that I want to see. That means, I'm striving more and more to speak with love than with my fears or hurts or angers.  Ever mindful of what I'm sending out.

I have also been utilizing The Faeries' Oracle cards I received from my sister many years ago.  I don't think of specific aspects of my life when I shuffle and draw a card. I look for general ideas about this moment in my life. Last night, I drew: Gloominous Doom. Frightening sounding card, isn't it? One of the first lines in the description of the card was that I should read about the card preceding it because they tend to go hand in hand: The Soul Shrinker.

The Soul Shrinker observes what we say to others, especially the mean, nasty, unnecessary and critical things we say and reflects them back to us. And less than 30 minutes later I was pulled into a discussion that could have turned so easily and quickly into a mean, nasty, blame-filled, accusation-fest.  Sometimes, you just have to turn around and walk the other way.

My path is mine. My life has been spent claiming my path and walking it with confidence. I could have let my hurt and anger take control. I could have spewed nasty, non-productive, negativity on this person. Being impeccable with my word and wanting to be a part of the change rather than the status quo had me pressing the delete button on the response I had typed.

Gloominous Doom, by the way, speaks to our self-pity and self-destructive behaviors. Gloominous Doom helps us explore those thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate our personal pity parties. Gloominous Doom wants us to take responsibility for ourselves. I love this sentence: The sorrier we feel for ourselves, the worse our life becomes.

I spent about three months of this year in (what I would call) extremely close contact with Gloominous Doom. I am blessed enough that I have the strength and the fortitude to have pulled myself out of it.

I'm back. I'm continually working on making myself even better. Continuing to strive beyond the (current) norm.

Love and Light.

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